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1500 South Mountain Road
Show Low, AZ 85901






Retail Sales Representative - Flagstaff


Department: Commercial Sales 

Reports To: Retail Sales Manager 

Job Description Summary: The Retail Sales Representative objective is to sell all products offered by Cellular One so that the targets will be achieved by the company. The Retail Sales Representative assist the Store Supervisor to ensure that all the merchandise is current, clean and saleable, by making regular inspections. The Retail Sales Representative must have a thorough understanding of all available Commercial Sales offerings in order to provide the customer with the appropriate solution at point of sale. A varied work schedule, including evenings and weekends for special community events, along with minimal business travel is required. As with all positions at Cellular One, the Retail Sales Representative must exhibit actions and behaviors that promote a positive, supportive working environment at all times. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 

Major Duties & Responsibilities: 

 Meeting or exceeding monthly company sales targets 

 Provide quality customer service by greeting and assisting customers, and responding to customer inquiries and complaints 

 Acquire expertise on all handsets, tablets and phone accessories 

 Acquire expertise on all plans, data plans and plan features 

 Assist the Store Supervisor with assign specific duties 

 Engage in inventory, cleaning of store location and ordering of supplies 

 Confer with Store Supervisor to develop methods to increase sales, expand markets and promote business 

 Build and develop overall store team 

Retail sales employee’s will take part in ensuring the sales location is clean and tidy daily. This includes the customer area, sales desk, back office and facilities. 

 Ensure correct daily cash balancing and deposit of the assigned drawer to accurately maintain financial records for the Accounting Department 

 Adhere to assigned work schedule, while being conscious of overtime, this includes clocking in and out via our time keeping system 

 The Retail Sales Representative must initially fully complete all Cellular One customer sales contracts, with accurate contact information. 

 Develops community interaction through business groups, community events, Chamber of Commerce meetings and events, business seminars and other community activities 

 Adheres to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes 


Additional Duties & Responsibilities: 

 Attend quarterly sales training 

 Complete Mindflash as required with 90% pass rate 

 Assist in preparation of Loomis pickup each week 

 Fulfil all HPC through eSecuritel (HITS) 

 Complete store activation sheet and make sure that all data is correct for accurate commission payout 

 Review and work all open follow ups 

Retail Sales Representative 



 Offsite events for Freedomfone and/or Vision One accounts 

 Assist in preparing inventory returns and transfers 

 Report inventory discrepancies to Store Supervisor 

 Adhere to cash handling policy and assure adherence to written policy 

 Report on adequate marketing and advertising for the store location 

 Identify current and future trends that appeal to consumers 

 Ensure merchandise is clean and ready to be displayed 

 Monitor local competitors 

 Initiating changes to improve the business 


Key Competencies: 

 Handling of customer issues 

 Time management skills 

 Decision making skills 

 Verbal communication skills 

 Commercial awareness 


Computer Software/Hardware Skills: 

MS Office: MS Outlook (basic) 

Specific Requirements/Qualifications: 

 Previous retail sales and outside sales experience preferred. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills required. Computer data entry skills preferred. 


Education Requirements: 

 High School or Equivalency Diploma. 


Physical Requirements: 

 Lifting up to 30 Pounds 

Level I Requirements: 

Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills. High School or Equivalency Diploma. Basic Competency with Microsoft Office Outlook. 

Level II Requirements: 

Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communications skills. Previous experience in Retail/Outside/Direct and or Indirect Sales. Basic skills with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Word. Continually exceed 90% of sales metrics. 

Level III Requirements: 

Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communications skills. Two plus years previous experience in Retail/Outside/Direct and or Indirect Sales. Intermediate skills with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Word. Continually exceed 100% of sales metrics 


System Administrator - Sunstate Phoenix






System Administrator

Review and work on all tickets with a Tier 3 CW Subtype

Provide Technical assistance to Tier 2 Technicians

Work on Tier 2 tickets and assist Tier 2 engineers if there are no Tier 3 tickets, client projects or business improvement projects to work on (whichever is in most demand/pressing to business needs).


In rare cases that none of the above is available, then work on Tier 1 support.


System Admins should have thorough understanding of all Tiers and their Subtypes.


Given the severity and impact to business of Tier 3 support tickets, System Admins are expected to take ownership of Tier 3 faults and see these through to completion, even if faults need to be worked on past working hours. In the event this is not possible; fault MUST be handed over to the Technical Director or another Tier member that is qualified to assist before finishing shift.



Where tickets Type/Subtype constitutes Tier 3, but System Admins is unable or uncomfortable with working on the issue, escalation procedure must be followed. Tier 3 escalation should be directly to the Technical Director or another Tier 3 member that is qualified to assist.

Identify Trends, Patterns & Issues

System Admins are expected to identify the most advanced trends and patterns of technical faults. In practical terms, these trends should be addressed by System Admins by writing scripts/designing monitors for automating the repair of these faults, reducing helpdesk effort to repair recurring faults.


Project Work

System Admins are expected to spend a significant proportion of their time working on Active Projects and assisting with Interim support of Active projects.


As Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and senior members of the team, System Admins are expected to be actively involved in the design of new systems for clients in conjunction with Technical Director.



Ensure ticket response times are met as per client’s SLAs.


Skill SetS


Certifacation & Work History


Tier 3 Support

System Admins should have thorough understanding of all Tiers in CW and their Subtypes, along with Completion of CW University training

System Admins skill set

Advanced Computer and operating system trouble shooting.

Advanced Networking and troubleshooting

Advanced Help desk experience using ticket programs. 3+ years

Advanced Project management and ownership

Advanced Client application troubleshooting.

Project Lead Experience

Project Management Experience

Excellent documentation in ITBoost

System Admins Certifications/Qualifications

A+ certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.

Networking+ certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.

Security+ certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.

CCNA Cisco Certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.

Microsoft SQL DBA certification or compatible years of service and demonstrative work history.



helpdesk cover




Helpdesk Cover

Ensure System Admins is available always.

Request additional support when necessary

Effective use of Resources

Through effective escalation, System Admins should ensure they identify faults effectively to ensure either escalation to System Admins or demotion to lower Tier. This is done according to CW Subtypes defined in each Tier.


Use CW Automate to automate process/reduce technician workload, such as executing Scripts and Reviewing Monitors when troubleshooting faults.

Note* - System Admins are EXPECTED to write and test scripts/monitors against their own machines and/or in the Dev environment to repair faults, often on mass to save significant helpdesk time in all other tiers and cost to business.

Deployment of scripts/monitors into production environments much first be approved by the System Adminstor/Supervisor








Communicate – Right Time, Right Place.

Role Model

System Admins are some of the most senior members of the team and are role models for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Help Desk Technicians engineers. As such, they are expected to behave with the utmost professionalism which this position commands.

Identify Rising Talent

Tier 3 Technicians should identify and report Tier 2 Technicians who are showing promising signs of improvement/promotion

Team Spirit

Always work for the team, no matter how busy your workload gets. Team players are pivotal to the success of any Team.

Behavior & Attitude

Attitude to colleagues and customers is professional, courteous and respectful always.

Areas of Concern & Training

Report areas of improvement to Director. This can be down to further training, or areas of weakness. If you don’t let somebody know, they can’t help you. Remember – Teamwork!



Customer service




Effective Communication

Provide clients with accurate, useful information always.
Maintain upbeat, positive, can-do attitude
Every customer is important – make sure they feel that way!

Complain Handling

System Admins deal with the most serious and critical faults in the business, as well as projects likely to cause significant disruption to business.

Mindful of potential problems and act quickly to mitigate these.

All customer complaints should be reported to the Director, even if you have resolved the client’s complaints through ticket resolution.


Identify Sales Opportunities

Pick up on client buying signals

Actively review and Identify systems in need of upgrade or replacement.

Forward Opportunities to CW Sales Board.







Client Usage

Report clients who have exceptionally high helpdesk usage to the Director, especially when this is sustained over several weeks or months.

Helpdesk Cover

Report low helpdesk cover to Coordinator.

As a 3rd Line Technician, you will be more aware of tickets which are likely to take significant periods of time to resolve. These should be reported to the Coordinator quickly, as prolonged time on support tickets can have an impact on Tier 2 escalation.


All Technicians in all support Tiers are expected to:
- be thorough in the documentation of their work on tickets. Details of verbal discussions with clients, agreed times/dates/actions, precise actions taken and next steps.

- keep their Ticket Status’ up to date, reflecting the current state of the fault.

-ensure tickets have up-to-date notes at COB of every day.

- provide full documented handover to Director ½ day prior to finishing work for Annual Leave. This will give time to clarify any points in the handover.

Time Recording

All Technicians in all support Tiers are expected to accurately record their time on tickets when entering notes in the ‘Detail Description’ or ‘Resolution’ sections of tickets.


Business Insight Data Warehouse Analyst

Job Description Summary:  As the Business Insight Data warehouse Analyst you will be required to work in a high paced environment with other highly skilled professionals in a team environment. You will be required to demonstrate a high level of self-initiative and analytical skills. You will be required to work well in a team environment and will need the ability to communicate effectively with members of your team.  In this highly visible position you will work with various team members from different departments across the whole organization and will need the ability to communicate effectively with members of upper management.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Responsible for maintaining the integrity and performance of the Company’s databases and guarantee that data is stored securely and optimally.

·       Responsible for monitoring the SQL Server Agent and Sever Instances in Real time.

·       Responsible for monitoring the hardware conditions of the underlying server,

·       Perform daily maintenance tasks and routine data checks on the various data interfaces

·       Manage the creation and maintenance of a data warehouse and operation data stores

·       Advise Management on Long-Term Capacity Plans and Growth

·       Comfortable Working With Production Servers 

·       Extract Live Data

·       Install Database Software and Updates

·       Guarantee Database Setup Meets Industry Requirements

·       Ensure the quality and efficiency of ETL routines using stored procedures

·       Conduct or coordinate tests to ensure that intelligence is consistent with defined needs

·       Update Database Permissions

·       Proactively Tune Database in Production 

·       Optimize Queries on Live Data

·       Responsible managing the ETL tool Informatica.

Specific Requirements/Qualifications:

·       3-5 years related experience

·       Experience with MS SQL 2008 or higher

·       SQL Microsoft Certifications are a plus

·       Knowledge of the ETL tool Informatica

·       Excellent organizational and time management skills

·       Ability to set priorities to meet time sensitive project deadlines

·       Team player with excellent communication skills are essential

·       Extensive knowledge of  SQL Server indexes, OLAP and relational data models

·       Expert level SSIS development skills

·       Extensive experience with SSRS, SSAS

·       SQL Server database performance tuning techniques

·       Solid Project Management Capabilities 

·       Solid Understanding of Company’s Data Needs Strong Technical and Interpersonal Communication 

Service Manager - SunState

Sunstate Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities:

At Sunstate Technology Group, The Service Manager is directly responsible for the Technical Service Department. In this position, the Service Manager drives client satisfaction and team efficiency by ensuring all business metrics are addressed appropriately. This is achieved by hosting on-going meetings with the technical teams, refining processes to improve service delivery, monitoring & managing key business metrics, and managing the development of the professional services team’s skillsets. The Service Manager will work closely with the Company’s Sales Team to ensure client expectations are being met and escalated service requests are prioritized appropriately. In addition, the Service Manager will work closely with the management team to ensure all business goals are being met. The ideal candidate for this position will have a strong result driven mindset and business acumen to communicate effectively with the Technical Team, Dispatch Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Sales and the Client.
To succeed in this role, the ideal candidate should be creative and technically apt in many of the technologies we support, and bring a presence of enthusiasm, leadership and guidance to the Technical Team.

Service Manager Daily Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Focus on making every work hour a profitable hour for the company.
  • Ensure that the service delivery team is meeting all metrics set by Sunstate Leadership.
  • Follow all company standards and procedures as currently documented.
  • Track all work billable or not for the entire technical team.
  • Provide an excellent example of customer service on all levels for the company.
  • Mentor Technicians on any aspect of their position.
  • Coordinate and schedule resources for service requests.
  • Manage activities of all technicians, working with the Techs, Help Desk Coordinator and Project Coordinator.
  • Manage the workflow of all service requests, working with the Techs, Help Desk Coordinator and Project Coordinator.
  • Work Service Requests as assigned according to the company workflow procedures.
  • Provide clients with one-to-one or one-to-many customer service as needed.
  • Review tech time cards to ensure they are being kept up to date in real time.
  • Review and manage the Service Request backlog as needed to ensure all service requests are correctly prioritized, scheduled and moved through the system as desired, working with the Techs, Help Desk Coordinator and Project Coordinator.
  • Check with each technician at the end of the day and note all issues requiring priority attention.

Service Manager Weekly Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Review, revise, and annotate service requests for the past week that are older than 7 days.
  • Review all requests for Personal Time from technicians and ensure they are on the schedule.
  • Preview the upcoming weeks and schedule technicians to tasks as early as possible, working with the Techs, Help Desk Coordinator and Project Coordinator.
  • Coordinate any planned out-of-office/town services with the Client, Techs, Help Desk Coordinator and Project Coordinator.
  • Plan for the weekly Tech Meeting and draft an agenda.
  • Review time cards and submit for approval by the close of business on the last day of the work week.
  • Review time cards and see them all through the submission and approval process.
  • Monitor and support the progress of technicians written quarterly goals, working with the Director to provide guidance and budget needs.
  • Prepare the tech schedule for the next week, working with the Techs, Help Desk Coordinator and Project Coordinator. Verify that technicians are aware of any changes from their normal schedule.

Service Manager Monthly Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Review and revise previous month's Monthly Maintenance Checklist as needed.
  • Review that service delivery team is meeting all metrics set by Sunstate Leadership.
  • Implement any system-wide changes to the Monthly Maintenance Checklist.
  • Monitor Monthly Maintenance progress and manage the process.
  • Plan and schedule Tech Training, working with the Director.
  • Review Monthly Tracking Sheet and proposed items to monitor progress and manage the process.
  • Create and review the Monthly Checklist for the next month.
  • Manage the ITBoost/ITGlue data and access to that data.
  • Schedule any short notice training for technicians as required.
  • Review tech CPRs, working with the Director

Service Manager Quarterly Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Schedule Quarterly Reviews for each Technician in the second week of the quarter.
  • Prepare each Technician's Quarterly Review including their new Quarterly Goals.
  • Plan and, if possible, schedule any training for the technicians.

Service Manager Yearly Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Review the year and summarize successes and fails. Pay special attention to the goals agreed upon for the year.
  • Establish goals for the year ahead.
  • Participate in company roadmap meetings as required.
  • Provide input for budget needs for the next year.


·       Ability to improve service delivery and participate in improving project offerings.

·       Assist in hiring and staffing decisions within the service department.

·       Maintain expert knowledge of key products and services provided by the Company and its Competitors.

·       Effectively prioritize service requests, escalations along with other duties and tasks daily

·       Ability to hold the team accountable to the key business metrics


·       Bachelor’s degree preferred.

·       At least 3 – 5 years of experience working in Service Operations, Technical Operations roles.

·       Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

·       At least 7-10 years of technical support experience, at Level II Technical Tier Knowledge (Minimum)

·       Experience in all aspects of developing and maintaining a technical service team

·       Proven experience in customer service.

·       Experience with relevant software applications, tools and techniques


·       Perceived capacity to exude Personal Credibility and Professional Integrity

·       Positive attitude, towards people and problems

·       Ability to self-start, work independently and achieve high standards to meet multiple deadlines

·       Explicitly proficient communicator, including writing, speaking, editing, proofreading and computer skills

·       Above-par working capacity, to work in small and large projects with great attention to detail.

·       Strong calendaring, organizational and document management skills.

·       Work effectively with staff in a team-oriented environment with a positive, can-do attitude.

·       Adept in developing and maintaining strong relationships with management, staff, vendors and clients.

·       Exhibit a high degree of professionalism, balanced business judgment, tact and diplomacy.

·       Excellent problem-solving skills, in both mundane and highly-sensitive, albeit complex situations.

 The above declarations are not intended to be an “All-Inclusive” list of duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job.  Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job, and be a reasonable representation of its activities.