Recharge Your Prepaid Account

Recharge the Balance on your CellularOne Prepaid Phone

Pay as you talk. No contract. No monthly bill. No credit check.
Only available for area codes 928, 505, 435.


Other Ways to Add money to your Prepaid Phone

From your mobile phone:

Dial *123
- Press 1
   to Check Minutes and Account Balance
- Press 2
   to Replenish Your VisionOne or FlexPlus
- Press 3
   to Replenish Another VisionOne or FlexPlus

From a Landline Phone:

Dial 1-866-631-3886
- Enter the 10 digit phone number you wish
   to add money to
- Enter your CC number and then # key
- Enter the 1 or 2 digit of the month only and
   then the # key
- Enter the 2 digit of the year only and then
   the # key
- Enter the 3 digit security code on the back
   of the card (#key)
- Enter the House or Box # for this CC (# key)
- Enter the Zip for this CC (# key)

Recharge Pricing

No refunds will be issued on a recharge. See the full terms and conditions for the prepaid program you are on. Rates are subject to change.

Voice On-Net
Voice Off-Net
Voice Roaming
Text Messaging
Picture Messaging Sending and Receiving
$0.25/Per MMS
Mobile Internet
$1.50/Per MB

Online Replenishment Response Times

Call Center Hours: 7:00am - 7:00pm MST daily.

Website orders are processed within 3 hours or, if submitted after hours, the next business day.

Additional Information

Recharging is how you pay for services. Your Cellular One Prepaid Flex device will only operate when you have a positive balance on your account to use for services, such as minutes, text, mobile web access, SMS, MMS and service days). When you recharge, you’re adding funds to your account. As you use your service, your account balance will be decreased. If you don’t recharge before you use your funds, you may not have funds available when you want to use your service. Once you have recharged your account you are eligible to purchase money saving bundles on your handset.

FREE4LIFE now includes Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text, 500 MB of Free data, and $15 in store credit; FreedomFone includes 500 Nationwide mins, 500 MB of Free Data, 1,000 SMS, and $15 in store credit.


The verification code is a 3 or 4-digit number that can be found on the back of your credit card. This code helps to prevent credit card fraud.